CBD Oil for Healthy Hair

CBD has a wide array of benefits that promote good bodily health. Often we associate these benefits with pain relief, cancer treatment, and other serious medical conditions. However, CBD can be very useful when it comes to beauty.

One area in particular, that could reap the benefits of CBD, is our hair. As we get older, many men experience issues such as hair loss or thinning, damaged hair or severe dandruff.  Some men in particular struggle to grow beards as they have unhealthy skin underneath their skin as well.

CBD can address all these issues as it promotes good hair health. Before long a man can go from having a dry and damaged head to a head full of healthy hair.  Here’s four reasons every man should use CBD for their hair.


  1. Promotes Hair Growth

CBD is filled with Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which are highly beneficial for the keratin proteins in our hair. These particular compounds moisturize our hair and strengthen them from the inside. They also increase the blood circulation creating a healthier follicle on the head and beard. This leads to longer and stronger hair, combatting the issue of hair loss that many men struggle with.


  1. Combats Hair Loss

These protein-building qualities of CBD oil are as beneficial for fully grown hair as they are for the strands in the follicle. The moisturizing effect counteracts the breakage that comes as a result of a dried out hair.  This leads to thinning hair on the top of the head and patchy beards on the face.  CBD oil effectively strengthens the strands, eliminating the issue of breakage, which allows you to grow longer and fuller hair. If you aspire to revive bald spots, receding hairlines and patchwork beards, CBD can be your solution.


  1. Improves Hair Moisture

Moisture is a vital component of healthy hair. CBD provides a potent moisturizing option because it is packed with Vitamin E. This ingredient helps give hair a glossy sheen and a feel that is soft to the touch. Not only will your hair be much healthy but it will also look great as well. Depending on your preference, you can use CBD balm to style hair in different ways and beards into a rounded shape.


  1. Improves Skin Moisture

Underneath the beard lies an important part of its overall health, the skin. Preserving a healthy beard is extremely difficult without taking good care of the skin underneath. The follicles in the skin ensure growth and must be kept as healthy as possible. CBD oil feeds into pores, avoiding clogging and enriching these follicles. Problematic skin makes this process difficult and is counterproductive to hair growth.

Oil improves a variety of skin conditions that could be affecting your beard health such as dryness, inflammation and acne. Beard itch is also a serious side effect that comes with bad skin. Keeping the skin lubricated will address this issue, preventing you from chopping off all the hair to ease the distress.


CBD is a tremendous option to improve your hair and beard health. With all of the benefits you stand to gain, you should add CBD to your self-care regimen immediately. Remember, not all CBD oils are created the same! Be wary of different brands and the quality of their ingredients. With the right kind, you can be well on your way towards a head full of healthy hair!


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