With growing public support for CBD & medical marijuana, scientists are finding new ways to improve human lives through cannabis. But as our understanding evolves, we’ve discovered that cannabis can be just as beneficial for the furry friends in our lives.

Our pet dogs stand to benefit just as much as we do from CBD. Many new products are flooding the marking claiming to help dogs address a number of issues. With all the options, owners may not be sure what’s right for their dogs.

Misconceptions about medical CBD and marijuana often cloud our judgment.  CBD dog treatments have a distinct difference from marijuana edibles, due to not having the active ingredient Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids that is responsible for the euphoric feeling that causes us to be “high”.

Many dog owners are wary of CBD products because of the common misconception between CBD and THC. But in reality, they create different effects. Owners can rest assure that their dogs will not be “stoned” from these treats. The benefits of CBD go far beyond the misconceptions out there.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or has trouble with loud and unfamiliar noises, CBD is an effective solution to their problems. The calming effect relaxes dogs in the most worrisome situations. This can go a long way to preventing the dog from panicking and damaging the house.

CBD treats act so effectively against pain that they are quickly becoming a popular option for dog’s pain relief. Studies show CBD can be very effective in reducing different issues such as pain and inflammation (external and internal).

The antibiotic properties also help your dog to maintain optimal health. Acting as a powerful antioxidant CBD reduces the generation of inflammatory cytokines, the leading cause of allergies and a variety of autoimmunity diseases.

Older dogs are also able to find comfort with CBD products. It has been shown to preserve brain cells from dying, keeping the dog’s brain free from disorders caused by free radicals and toxins. If they are struggling, the use of CBD may help increase and stabilize appetite. Once the food is eaten CBD has effectively helped combat nausea and vomiting.

Overall CBD benefits for dogs are plentiful. Owners have a variety of options for different products and dosages for their dog’s preference. Whichever product they chose, they must know CBD is a safe and sustainable treatment for their pet’s health.

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