The NFL is undergoing a major transformation in its approach to prevent concussions and other head injuries. Scientific research has conclusively showed us the link between repeated concussions caused by jarring hits and long term brain damage. Public pressure from these findings have caused the NFL to invest heavily in injury prevention, ranging from overhauling their rulebook to redesigning their helmets. All this in an effort to reduce concussions in professional football.

But what about the victims before this era of change? Or any other person who’s experienced years of brain trauma? This can include those with Vasovagal syncope (frequent or random fainting), boxers and military veterans.They do not have the benefit of newly found scientific evidence and preventative measures. In many of their cases it is unavoidable.

Many victims of major Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) such as CTE experience a lifetime of complications and disability, both mentally and physically. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control show us TBI’s are a leading cause of disability and possibly death in the United States.

Here Are some of the many symptoms of TBI’s

  • Depression, anxiety and lack of motivation to participate in daily life
  • Mood changes and irritability.
  • Prolonged and repeated headaches.
  • Confusion and scattered thoughts. Inability to focus
  • Aggressive behaviour. Can produce violent and unpredictable results

These symptoms can be life altering, not only for the victims but their families as well. Many victims look to combat the effects of brain trauma with healthier alternatives to pills. Reports from scientific studies suggested CBD (cannabidiol) could help mitigate symptoms like irritability, aggression and motor impairment. The neuroprotective antioxidant effects of the cannabinoids become especially critical when taking in their ability to counteract “glutamate excitotoxicity,” which leads to neuronal deterioration after suffering a TBI.

This demonstrates its usefulness as a neuroprotectant, with some doctors even suggesting consistent use of CBD may be useful in proactively preventing CTE and other TBI’s from developing, protecting the brain from long term trauma. The potential neuroprotective benefits is promising for professional and youth in high contact sports or activities. Even those with medical conditions such as Epilepsy, where sudden and violent seizures that could result in head banging, are able to benefit from these findings.

Years of Research and larger sample sizes will begin to show us a bigger, more complete picture when it comes CBD and brain trauma. But we should be excited and enthusiastic about the potential at hand.


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