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CBD For Heart Disease

CBD has gained momentum as a viable choice for a number ailments, conditions and diseases. There is no bigger disease in the US than Heart Disease. For more than a decade it has claimed more than 600,000 people. That’s 1 in every 4 deaths every year. (1) There are many conditions that can be tied to heart disease, such as high cholesterol & blood pressure

Heart Disease Stats in the United States

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
  • Every year about 735,000 Americans have a heart attack. 525,000 are a first heart attack and 210,000 have already had a heart attack at some point in the past
  • Cardiovascular disease (CVD), has accounted for 840,678 deaths in the US in 2016, approximately 1 of every 3 deaths.
  • Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year than all forms of cancer and Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease combined.
  • 5 million American adults had some form of cardiovascular disease.

CBD research, although limited, has produced evidence of benefits for heart and circulatory system. One of those benefits may be an ability to lower high blood pressure. Research shows that the stress- and anxiety-reducing properties of CBD are responsible for its ability to help lower blood pressure.Furthermore CBD can help treat inflammation and cellular death with it’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and stress-relieving properties.

According to Healthline.com this evidence is not anecdotal but rooting in science.

“One recent study treated nine healthy men with one dose of 600 mg of CBD oil and found it reduced resting blood pressure, compared to a placebo.

The same study also gave the men stress tests that normally increase blood pressure. Interestingly, the single dose of CBD led the men to experience a smaller blood pressure increase than normal in response to these tests” (2)

Although these may not be a cure, CBD certainly provides users with an opportunity to relieve the symptoms related to heart disease.

CBD for brain trauma

The NFL is undergoing a major transformation in its approach to prevent concussions and other head injuries. Scientific research has conclusively showed us the link between repeated concussions caused by jarring hits and long term brain damage. Public pressure from these findings have caused the NFL to invest heavily in injury prevention, ranging from overhauling their rulebook to redesigning their helmets. All this in an effort to reduce concussions in professional football.

But what about the victims before this era of change? Or any other person who’s experienced years of brain trauma? This can include those with Vasovagal syncope (frequent or random fainting), boxers and military veterans.They do not have the benefit of newly found scientific evidence and preventative measures. In many of their cases it is unavoidable.

Many victims of major Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) such as CTE experience a lifetime of complications and disability, both mentally and physically. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control show us TBI’s are a leading cause of disability and possibly death in the United States.

Here Are some of the many symptoms of TBI’s

  • Depression, anxiety and lack of motivation to participate in daily life
  • Mood changes and irritability.
  • Prolonged and repeated headaches.
  • Confusion and scattered thoughts. Inability to focus
  • Aggressive behaviour. Can produce violent and unpredictable results

These symptoms can be life altering, not only for the victims but their families as well. Many victims look to combat the effects of brain trauma with healthier alternatives to pills. Reports from scientific studies suggested CBD (cannabidiol) could help mitigate symptoms like irritability, aggression and motor impairment. The neuroprotective antioxidant effects of the cannabinoids become especially critical when taking in their ability to counteract “glutamate excitotoxicity,” which leads to neuronal deterioration after suffering a TBI.

This demonstrates its usefulness as a neuroprotectant, with some doctors even suggesting consistent use of CBD may be useful in proactively preventing CTE and other TBI’s from developing, protecting the brain from long term trauma. The potential neuroprotective benefits is promising for professional and youth in high contact sports or activities. Even those with medical conditions such as Epilepsy, where sudden and violent seizures that could result in head banging, are able to benefit from these findings.

Years of Research and larger sample sizes will begin to show us a bigger, more complete picture when it comes CBD and brain trauma. But we should be excited and enthusiastic about the potential at hand.

CBD Eczema

Our skin is our largest and often most overlooked organ. However, for those suffering from Eczema, it could be hard to overlook the pain that comes with the condition. Eczema can be a severely red and an irritating sight for our skin causing many complications in our lives.

There are many different forms including Atopic Dermatitis (the most common), Stasis Dermatitis (mostly found in the legs due to poor circulation), Dyshidrotic Eczema (triggered by stress and seasonal allergies), amongst others. Across all the conditions, common symptoms often include inflammation, itching, redness, and irritation of the skin.

The combination of several skin conditions leads to severe skin irritation. It can be challenging to find relief from the stresses of Eczema; often requiring remedies at once. Many patients seeking relief from creams experienced burning when applying the treatment.

With limited options on the market, a new choice is emerging; CBD.

A recent explosion in research has broadened our understanding of the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. We’re starting to recognize how useful it can be when treating this tough skin condition. CBD is quickly emerging as a promising remedy for Eczema patients.

Here’s some reason why you should include CBD in your treatment:

Boosts Endocannabinoid System

Studies discovered that a vulnerable endocannabinoid system could lead to several skin conditions such as itching, psoriasis, cancer, and sclerosis. This weakened state causes patients to be susceptible to eczema. CBD reduces symptoms eczema efficiently,  addressing the vulnerable endocannabinoid system and reducing risks of the condition coming back.

CBD Oil Preserves Skin Moisture

CBD heals the skin, restoring its natural look. By activating our CB2 receptors, CBD balances the production of our skin’s oil. Excessive oil production leads to skin inflammation, in extreme cases leading to cracking and bleeding. CBD oil efficiently manages and preserves healthy skin.

Anti-Inflammatory for Eczema

Quality CBD oil treats eczema exceptionally well because of its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD quickly activates within our endocannabinoid system – the receptors which regulate inflammation and our immune system – as it plays a vital role in the healing process. Eczema thrives in a weakened immune system. CBD aides CB1 receptors – primarily responsible for healthy skin cells and nerve tissues – to replenish skin.

In the battle against Eczema CBD has a chance to be a patients top solution. Always research doses and products and be sure to discuss with a dermatologist. Understanding the difference between high dose and low dose for your specific case is essential.  Once a patient finds what’s right for them the path towards healing begins.

CBD Bath Bombs

CBD is one of over a hundred cannabinoids compounds, in the cannabis plant. Once extracted from the plant it could be used in a variety of forms to alleviate many health conditions. Several scientific studies have concluded there is accepted therapeutic uses of CBD products.

Studies discovered that CBD might be more effective than some opioid prescription drugs with the advantages of not producing any side effects or being addictive. Well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, there are several ways to take CBD for these benefits. There is a method that is quickly become popular on the mainstream; CBD oil-infused bath bombs.

When bath bombs make contact with water, they dissolve and produce a chemical reaction that generates its trademarked bubbling. CBD Bath products offer patients a different method of pain relief, soaking their bodies in a tub full of the medicinal cannabinoid.

Immersion in the warm water opens our skin pores. With our pores open the CBD in the water enters through our skin to our bloodstream. Our bodies absorb the CBD quickly,  allowing it to activate faster than skin creams and distributes the cannabinoid throughout out our entire body.

This also gives users an external relief as CBD oil-infused bath bombs specialize in natural skincare as well as alleviating pain and stresses in the body. Making bath bombs an excellent option for people with sensitive skin conditions such as Eczema.  It also has promising evidence for anti-aging properties combating wrinkles.

High-quality natural products in CBD bath bombs should be without harsh chemicals and artificial fragrance ingredients. To many patients, CBD bath oil is just as useful for their pleasant smell as their skin-soothing qualities. Many products also include other oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender for aromatherapy.

Added oils help bath bombs not only eases tension in the body but maintains a peaceful mood in users as well. When blended with potent oils they assist in giving the immune system a significant boost. The relaxation can be an integral component of a patient’s daily regimen, as an ideal way to ease anxiety.

Once in our bloodstream, cannabinoids signal the neurotransmitters in our bodies. Activating serotonin and dopamine, the two neurotransmitters in our brains that interact with cannabinoids to produce “good mood” chemicals in our bodies.

CBD bath bombs make for the perfect post-workout relief,  thanks to its extraordinary ability to ease tension in sore muscles. This enables athletes to stay productive for the entirety of the day. CBD acts as a stress reliever studies found that CBD can be more effective than prescription drugs for patients. CBD does not have any harmful side effects or addictive qualities.

However, it is just as useful for the everyday person dealing with chronic pain. Taking a moment to release the tension in their bodies can be just the break users need from the stress of a busy schedule. CBD oil-infused bath bombs are the perfect solution to many of their problems.


CBD has been used to treat many mental diseases and disorders ranging from PTSD and Alzheimer’s. There has been positive testimonials and research in addressing the complications of these mental illnesses.

Now there is a growing interest from ADHD patients, who are turning to cannabis to relieve their disorder. In severe cases, symptoms can be problematic to a functioning lifestyle. Hyperactivity tends to the most prominent of the symptoms.

There at least six of these symptoms of hyperactivity in ADHD patients:

  • Inability to sit still
  • Failure to wait their turn
  • Constant talking or interrupting
  • Lack of focus on specific tasks
  • Impatience

There is limited data or research that conclusively proves CBD as a solution to ADHD, but there is indeed promising evidence.

As a non-psychoactive cannabis product, CBD treatment is low in THC removing the high-inducing effect. This makes it an option for children with ADHD. It has the potential to regulate symptoms and give patients a chance at a more manageable lifestyle.

The calming effect of CBD reduces anxiety, a significant issue ADHD patients struggle with. Once consumed CBD oil interacts with the two receptors in our body, CB1, and CB2. These receptors directly affect specific parts of your body. CB1 impacts brain function, directly improving symptoms in disorders such as epilepsy. CB2 helps regulate the immune system, pain, and inflammation.

The CBD oil activates and increases the body’s natural cannabinoid production. This spike in our cannabinoid directly leads to various benefits for ADHD patients, including a reduction in anxiety and hyperactivity. In effect, this will sedate the patient to the point that symptoms become minimal.

This is what gives CBD such promise when it comes to ADHD. As research expands, this relationship will become more definitive and rooted in scientific fact. But we can be sure that there is interest from patients who are looking for alternatives to traditional medicine.

Prescribed ADHD medications come in two forms; stimulants and non-stimulants.

Stimulant ADHD medication is the most common option because of its fast-acting properties. It can be useful in reducing symptoms but comes with many side effects. Headaches, loss of appetite and insomnia are common side effects in both medications.

Ironically CBD has been known to alleviate these exact symptoms in patients. The natural ingredients in cannabis can be more attractive to patients looking to avoid unwanted side effects. To their surprise, it may be precisely the treatment they were looking for.



Diabetes is a widespread disease inflicting millions of people worldwide. Chances are you know someone, either in your family or in your circle of friends, who has been battling diabetes or just recently diagnosed. Or, perhaps you are the one living with the disease. And of course, there is a lot of information about diabetes treatment and prevention to learn and share. But first, let’s take a closer look at the reality of the disease.

This unforgiving disease does not discriminate because of age, gender or race and can fall victim to it. The impact of Diabetes in the U.S. is alarming, especially with the number of new cases on the rise.



  1. Complications from diabetes can often lead to premature death. In 2008, 2 out of 10 adult deathsin the U.S. was tied to diabetes.
  2. Diabetics are 3 times more likelyto have cardiovascular disease, 12 times more so to get end-stage renal failure, and more than 20 times more likely to endure a limb amputation.
  3. People suffering from depression have nearly 60%more chance of developing diabetes.
  4. Approximately 15-25%of diabetics will experience a foot ulcer.
  5. In the U.S.,57% of diabetics report they have difficulty with the high-cost of prescribed treatments and supplies.


In addition, the following are common complications often stemming from diabetes:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Eye disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Nerve damage
  • Lower extremity ulcers and amputation
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Oral disease
  • Mental illness

If you have been living with diabetes for a while now, you are most likely familiar with traditional diabetes treatments and prevention measures, such as insulin and diet change. Both are equally important to maintain. But, many people are learning how to use cannabis oil to help cope with the disease. Cannabis oil is also referred to as CBD.


CBD is developing a great reputation for helping with many diseases and disorders. But for diabetes, the multiple ways it can help is impressive. Such as the following favorable results stemming from possible treatments for diabetes in the form of cannabis:

  • Works to stabilize a person’s blood sugars naturally
  • Reduces pain often associated with diabetes caused by nerve inflammation, called neuropathy, by activating the receptors found in the brain and body
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce some of the known arterial inflammation that is found in many diabetics
  • Aids in improving circulation by keeping blood vessels open
  • Helps to relieve muscle cramping and gastrointestinal disorders by acting as an anti-spasmodic agent
  • Helps to gradually reduce blood pressure, which is very important for diabetic patients
  • Using cannabis oil or butter in foods, rather than traditional fats, could be beneficial to the heart and arteries
  • Used in a vaporizer, cannabis oil can help calm restless leg syndrome, a common ailment of diabetic patients

EvoCann’s Skin Care Products to help diminish neuropathic pain, as well as common tingling in the feet and hands, is also another way to use cannabis oil.

As with all available treatments, there is conflicting evidence on the role cannabis oil takes for prevention of Type II Diabetes. However, research does show it to be beneficial as an effective and alternative treatment for those who have already been diagnosed with either Type I or Type II Diabetes.



  • Cannabis compounds could help to control a patient’s blood sugar
  • Users of cannabis are less likely to become obese

Both benefits above are important in a diabetic patient, either a current or a future one.


CBD Oil for Healthy Hair

CBD Oil for Healthy Hair

CBD has a wide array of benefits that promote good bodily health. Often we associate these benefits with pain relief, cancer treatment, and other serious medical conditions. However, CBD can be very useful when it comes to beauty.

One area in particular, that could reap the benefits of CBD, is our hair. As we get older, many men experience issues such as hair loss or thinning, damaged hair or severe dandruff.  Some men in particular struggle to grow beards as they have unhealthy skin underneath their skin as well.

CBD can address all these issues as it promotes good hair health. Before long a man can go from having a dry and damaged head to a head full of healthy hair.  Here’s four reasons every man should use CBD for their hair.


  1. Promotes Hair Growth

CBD is filled with Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which are highly beneficial for the keratin proteins in our hair. These particular compounds moisturize our hair and strengthen them from the inside. They also increase the blood circulation creating a healthier follicle on the head and beard. This leads to longer and stronger hair, combatting the issue of hair loss that many men struggle with.


  1. Combats Hair Loss

These protein-building qualities of CBD oil are as beneficial for fully grown hair as they are for the strands in the follicle. The moisturizing effect counteracts the breakage that comes as a result of a dried out hair.  This leads to thinning hair on the top of the head and patchy beards on the face.  CBD oil effectively strengthens the strands, eliminating the issue of breakage, which allows you to grow longer and fuller hair. If you aspire to revive bald spots, receding hairlines and patchwork beards, CBD can be your solution.


  1. Improves Hair Moisture

Moisture is a vital component of healthy hair. CBD provides a potent moisturizing option because it is packed with Vitamin E. This ingredient helps give hair a glossy sheen and a feel that is soft to the touch. Not only will your hair be much healthy but it will also look great as well. Depending on your preference, you can use CBD balm to style hair in different ways and beards into a rounded shape.


  1. Improves Skin Moisture

Underneath the beard lies an important part of its overall health, the skin. Preserving a healthy beard is extremely difficult without taking good care of the skin underneath. The follicles in the skin ensure growth and must be kept as healthy as possible. CBD oil feeds into pores, avoiding clogging and enriching these follicles. Problematic skin makes this process difficult and is counterproductive to hair growth.

Oil improves a variety of skin conditions that could be affecting your beard health such as dryness, inflammation and acne. Beard itch is also a serious side effect that comes with bad skin. Keeping the skin lubricated will address this issue, preventing you from chopping off all the hair to ease the distress.


CBD is a tremendous option to improve your hair and beard health. With all of the benefits you stand to gain, you should add CBD to your self-care regimen immediately. Remember, not all CBD oils are created the same! Be wary of different brands and the quality of their ingredients. With the right kind, you can be well on your way towards a head full of healthy hair!


CBD For Dogs

With growing public support for CBD & medical marijuana, scientists are finding new ways to improve human lives through cannabis. But as our understanding evolves, we’ve discovered that cannabis can be just as beneficial for the furry friends in our lives.

Our pet dogs stand to benefit just as much as we do from CBD. Many new products are flooding the marking claiming to help dogs address a number of issues. With all the options, owners may not be sure what’s right for their dogs.

Misconceptions about medical CBD and marijuana often cloud our judgment.  CBD dog treatments have a distinct difference from marijuana edibles, due to not having the active ingredient Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids that is responsible for the euphoric feeling that causes us to be “high”.

Many dog owners are wary of CBD products because of the common misconception between CBD and THC. But in reality, they create different effects. Owners can rest assure that their dogs will not be “stoned” from these treats. The benefits of CBD go far beyond the misconceptions out there.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or has trouble with loud and unfamiliar noises, CBD is an effective solution to their problems. The calming effect relaxes dogs in the most worrisome situations. This can go a long way to preventing the dog from panicking and damaging the house.

CBD treats act so effectively against pain that they are quickly becoming a popular option for dog’s pain relief. Studies show CBD can be very effective in reducing different issues such as pain and inflammation (external and internal).

The antibiotic properties also help your dog to maintain optimal health. Acting as a powerful antioxidant CBD reduces the generation of inflammatory cytokines, the leading cause of allergies and a variety of autoimmunity diseases.

Older dogs are also able to find comfort with CBD products. It has been shown to preserve brain cells from dying, keeping the dog’s brain free from disorders caused by free radicals and toxins. If they are struggling, the use of CBD may help increase and stabilize appetite. Once the food is eaten CBD has effectively helped combat nausea and vomiting.

Overall CBD benefits for dogs are plentiful. Owners have a variety of options for different products and dosages for their dog’s preference. Whichever product they chose, they must know CBD is a safe and sustainable treatment for their pet’s health.



Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the cannabinoids found naturally in cannabis, should not be confused with its psychoactive “head high” counterpart THC. People who have a propensity to use CBD products, usually look to avoid the high feeling and are instead looking for a body relaxant.


While cannabis is still widely illegal worldwide due to THC’s psychoactive effects, CBD can be found in an extract from industrial hemp. It is fairly accessible and usually legal due to its extremely low THC levels (<.3%). People should check to make sure CBD is legal in their locale. But, a number of countries are beginning to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, and this has opened the market for a number of CBD products to choose from for targeted relief.


More and more small studies support CBD for its ailment-treating effectiveness. CBD should not be considered as an alternative to traditional medicine and should be discussed with a physician as a potential supplement. But people have expressed that CBD provides relief from a variety of different ailments, including seizures, muscle spasms, anxietynauseachronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and more.


CBD oil is a safe way to consume CBD into the body. People should look for high standards and quality when comparing products. Look for natural products like EvoCann’s Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that use the following techniques:

  • No pesticides, herbicides or fungicides are used during cultivation
  • Oil will have no harmful contaminants
  • Oil goes through rigorous testing

The most common side effect of large amounts of CBD being ingested is drowsiness. So, if using CBD products for the first time, a person should not operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle.

CBD oil allows for quick relief via sublingual application. Considered one of the quickest ways to feel the effects of CBD (around 5-20 minutes), as it is absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue. Another reason oils are so popular is due to their measurability, which leads to consistent dosing.

Some use capsules for direct oil use because it’s a tasteless way to ingest CBD oil. It does take longer for capsules to take effect compared to sublingually, but this is a preferred method of dosing if one is sensitive to taste.


Edibles take a while for full effect, usually between half of an hour to two hours. But edibles are also known for their long duration due to the slow way nutrients/supplements are digested and absorbed into the bloodstream.


Topicals are applications with an ointment, balm, or lotion applied to targeted areas for relief from pain and inflammation. They are considered especially good for arthritis and injuries.


Everybody’s endocannabinoid system is different, so dosage can vary. That is to say, that some will find relief with 3mg twice a day, while others are closer to 200mg four times a day or higher!


The best way to find a proper dosage is to start low and slow and keep adjusting. For those new to cannabis, maybe try dosing at 5mg as needed to maintain relief. If multiple doses were taken during the first day, adjust the dose to 10mg and take note to any changes in effect. Keep adjusting as needed until relief is consistent, this process is known as titration. For those more experienced with cannabis, they may want to start at a higher dose, like 25mg and adjust from there.


Some people require very small doses, while some still will feel nothing after a large dose. People also have different reactions to the various methods of use. It may take time to find the proper dosage and delivery method of CBD products to find the needed relief, so be patient. Some effects may be felt immediately, while others take a while to “build up” (particularly when looking for relief from epilepsy).


Doses can also vary wildly, depending on the type of relief sought after. For example, people have experienced the following:

  • Chronic pain: 2.5-20mg for ~25 days
  • Epilepsy: 200-300mg up to 4.5 months
  • Huntington’s disease-related movement problems: 10mg/kg for 6 weeks
  • Sleep disorders: 40-160mg
  • Multiple sclerosis symptoms: 2.5-120mg THC-CBD combo for 2-15 weeks
  • Glaucoma: 20-40mg (Doses over 40 mg may actually increase eye pressure)

CBD is quickly becoming a popular supplement for individuals looking for relief of various ailments and can be a great resource for people wanting natural, non-psychoactive relief. It just takes time to learn the best form of ingestion of the product and the proper dosage to maximize the effects.

CBD As A Pain Reliever

There’s a new option for patients that’s gaining serious ground in the world of pain management; CBD oil, also known as Cannabidiol. Scientific studies support claims that CBD oil is an effective treatment for joint pain, muscle, surgical recovery, and many other ailments.

The oil does not get users high, as it contains no THC, the active cannabinoid responsible for the euphoric feeling. This curbs the stereotype that cannabis treatment is only for those craving the high effect. In reality, many people who enjoy the pain relieving benefits often do not smoke at all.

Many patients are turning to cannabis in the wake of the opioid epidemic. CBD oil has no addictive properties and considerably fewer side effects than many of the pain medications prescribed by doctors.

CBD has become a popular choice for patients recovering surgical procedures. In major surgeries, CBD can be taken together with pain medication to compound the pain relieving effect. This also allows the patient to gradually decrease their intake of pain medication. For smaller operations, CBD may be sufficient on its own.

Many athletes have advocated for CBD to have a place in sports medicine. Football players in particular, who regularly expose themselves to violent collisions have been vocal about the addictive nature of pain medication. They have seen the prolonged negative effects of years of prescribed pain medications that often leads to abuse.

CBD presents a safer option for recovering athletes and patients alike. As we learn more about the benefits it presents to the body, more people will consider medical cannabis as a safe, sustainable alternative. In the midst of the opioid crisis, CBD can be a major deterrent to the addictive nature of pain medications. The days of “Reefer Madness” are quickly becoming the days of the past.

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