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“A few month’s ago I ordered your CBD tincture & mouth spray on a whim and to be honest, I didn’t really believe it could help me with my chronic arthritis. Ever since I started using the oil and spray, I’m a new person. At first I cut back on my opioids, but now I am almost opioid free for the first time in 4 years. Thank you so much!"Marcia


“My name is Amanda and my anxiety and panic attacks were something I learned to live with. I started using your tea paste before bed and it has changed my life. Panic attacks are gone and my anxiety level is the best it has ever been I sleep great!Amanda


“ I was suffering with extreme hot flashes 24/7. After trying numerous holistic therapies to no avail, I finally tried EvoCann CBD tinctures and bath salts. I now rarely get flashes and when I do, they are mild and manageable. The hot flashes no longer keep me up all night, I can rest without feeling like I’m melting."Renee, 56 Mother of 3

CBD For Heart Disease

CBD has gained momentum as a viable choice for a number ailments, conditions and diseases. There is no bigger disease in the US...

CBD for brain trauma

The NFL is undergoing a major transformation in its approach to prevent concussions and other head injuries. Scientific research has conclusively showed us...

CBD Eczema

Our skin is our largest and often most overlooked organ. However, for those suffering from Eczema, it could be hard to overlook the...

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